The FysioTape Company

FysioTape B.V. is a Dutch company which was founded in 1998. We were the first to introduce the Medical Taping Concept (Kinesiology Taping) in Europe, a concept which is nowadays used in almost every country.

We are the manufacturer of the high-quality product CureTape®. This brand is the most commonly used kinesiology tape by professionals.

CureTape® is produced in our own brand new factory in South-Korea. Having our own factory enables us to closely monitor the production process to ensure products of high quality.

Our factory is ISO-9001 certified and uses the most modern and newest machines.


CureTape has the TÜV quality label

To prove that CureTape® meets the highest quality requirements we asked TÜV Rheinland to test our product. TÜV Rheinland is one of the most important international technical service providers for quality and safety.

Their conclusion: CureTape® is a safe, latex-free product and we are proud to own this quality label!